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Built Environment + Public Health: Group 3 Fall 2013

This interactive Neatline map illustrates the data collected along Cherry Avenue for the Bike Ped Survey conducted by students in the Built Env't and Public Health: Local to Global course at UVA. Each member of the group photographed and noted the conditions of streets and intersections, then determined the accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

Though the area is predominantly residential and includes two public schools, many intersections are uncontrolled and pose a danger to pedestrians. Additionally, bike lanes, where available, are only one one side of the road and often disappear. There is room for improvement to improve accessibility and appeal for pedestrians and cyclists.

Group Members:

Ali Aslam, Alexis Chaet, Matthew Hatcher, Olivia Kelly, Elizabeth Kirby, Lekha Pandya, Madison Schiefer, Maddie Shiff.