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Built Environment + Public Health: Group 5 Fall 2013

We completed a bike and pedestrian survey for Charlottesville, Virginia. Our Neatline looks at intersections and segments of West Main Street from 14th St NW to Ridge Street. We captured street details and created a "street room" experience. This commercial corridor links the University of Virginia and the Corner to the Downtown Mall. Many bike and pedestrian-friendly features were observed. On our map, we used pink points to indicate intersections. The blue points are segment details, and the yellow points are street rooms. With each point, we included lines to indicate the field of view from the prospective of the photographer. Walking down Main St. from the Corner towards downtown, we referred to the left side of the street as the NE sidewalk and the right side as the SE sidewalk. 

Yanna Jackson
Sarah Hansen
Nadeem Tabbara
Jennifer White
Chandler Rosenberg
Emily Huesgen
Vanessa Owens
Samhita Nelamangala