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Built Environment + Public Health: Group 6 Fall 2013

This exhibit represents our group's survey of the Rugby Road area which assessed the main roads for pedestrian walkability and bikeability based on the presence or absence of certain active design guidelines that had been previously deliniated in

Points on our map are coded by color and size. Large white circles are views of the intersections and small blue circles area views of the street segments. Each point contains photographic documentation of the essential perspectives of the spaces surrouding these sidewalks and intersections. The photographs at each white or blue point area annotated based about the criteria from the Bike-Ped Survey responses on the Likert scale regarding visual attractiveness, pedestrian-friendliness.

Our experience of mapping bikeability and walkability of Rugby Road was different from some other groups because not all of our street segments existed on both sides of rugby, thus the comparison section of the survey did not apply. because we followed two main roads rather than just one. Our route took us down what is considered to be Fraternity Row at the University of Virginia, thus it is a place that is largely residential but has a variety of public space building such a churches, museums, classroom buildings, and volunteer offices as well.

Because Rugby Road is one of the most pedestrian-traveled roads at UVA, we hope that our map will be able to help illuminate areas along this strip of road that could be redesigned to offer greater protection to student and community member health and happiness.