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Built Environment + Public Health: Group 7 Fall 2013

Group 7 documented the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure primarily around University Avenue, the Corner, and 14th Street, perhaps one of the most heavily populated areas around Grounds. The numerous restaurants and shops on the Corner attract much pedestrian traffic, and many upperclassmen live in apartments and houses along 14th Street. For this reason, sturdy bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure prove important for a population of college students for whom walking and cycling are the primary means of transportation.

Group members include Love Jonson, Zaina Natour, Sarah Turkaly, Sarah Davidson, Annie Plotkin, and Katin Tafti.


The large magenta circles on the map represent intersections, and photos from several perspectives were taken. The dark purple lines represent streets that run in either a north or east direction, while the light purple lines represent streets that run in a south or west direction. Photos from each segment between intersections are compiled under the blue triangle icons, and the icons are oriented in the direction in which the photos are taken. Photos of various details along the segments can be found by clicking the orange squares.