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Built Environment + Public Health: Group 8 Fall 2013

Our team members are Mihwa Ahn, Alexandra Barnes, Carolyn Barnes, Laura Biver, Alison Celello, Maia Foster, Kathleen Smith, Samantha Thurber. We were assigned to work with two streets that run parallel to each other in the East to West direction: Gordon Avenue and Grady Avenue. Specifically, we covered Gordon Avenue between Rugby Road and 11th Street NW, and Grady Avenue between Rugby Road and Preston Avenue. This region is a part of the Venable neighborhood of Charlottesville and is interesting as it is characterized by housing for UVa students as well as property owned or inhabited by permant Charlottesville residents. 
Upon completion of the BPEQI survey for these segments and intersections, we were able to evaluate and draw conclusions about the pedestrian/biking conditions in this neighborhood. Common themes within our assigned territory include a lack of bike lanes, few crosswalks, and predominantly uncontrolled intersections.
Sea-green dots indicate uncontrolled intersections, as defined by the BPEQI standards. Blue dots represent the 5 required views: centered, canopy, group, streetside, and building-side. The orange dots represent negative features of the built environment that would adversely impact the bike/pedestrian experience. Purple dots, in turn, represent positive features. Controlled intersections are represented by magenta dots.