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Built Environment + Public Health: Group 9 Fall 2013

This is our BikePed survey for the City of Charlottesville which looks at the intersections and segments along Preston Avenue.This BikePed survey project examines the walkability and bicycle accessibility along Preston Avenue.

Two sections of Preston Avenue were surveyed: Rugby Road to Grady Avenue and Grady Avenue to Market Street. Each of the segments along Preston Avenue were broken up and each of these segments and intersections were depicted on this neatline through alternating color coded (red, yellow, green) solid segmented lines and blue dots to represent the intersections between each segment. We also made sure to differentiate between the North view and South view of the roads in order to get a full representation of the built environment of each segment.

Each segment spans one intersection to the next intersection. The intersection is represented by a blue dot. The purple dots along the segment represent significant areas or features of the segment, like sidewalk conditions for example. The solid black lines represent the view from which the photos attached to the map are taken. Additionally, the dark green dots represent views facing the Downtown Mall, whereas the dark green dots represent views facing Rugby Road.

Grady Avenue to Market StreetGrady Avenue to Market Street

Rugby Road to Grady Avenue

Map Legend:

Segments: red/yellow/green solid line. (alternating)
Intersections: blue dot.
Segment views:
       Towards Downtown Mall - dark green;
       Towards Rugby Road - light green.
Segment features: purple dot.

Group Members: Andrea Arellano, Siobhan Perks, Ellen Howerton, Claire Brehm, Inna De Leon, Nicole Schneiter, Caroline Schieber, and Daniel Lewis.